Friday, November 6, 2015

Comet the Calf is Turning One.

A year ago I was lucky enough to check on Hailey, our Jersey cow, just as she gave birth to her first calf. She had been bred with a young Dexter bull so the calf was small enough for her diminutive frame. I sat with her for a while and watched all those milestone moments of standing up and latching on. It was a special moment and one of the highlights of having animals here on Opportunity Farm. We named her Comet - Hailey's Comet!

After three weeks I started to milk Hailey and since then we have been sharing her milk with Comet. Every morning she is let in after milking and she spends the day with her mother. In the evening when Hailey is called in for her feed, Comet is locked out. Most of the time she heads for the gate when she hears the call "Hup" but there have been a few occasions when she has needed a bit of chasing out.

She still loves her mother's milk and runs in for any leftovers after I have finished. Hailey is not only providing us with more than enough fresh milk for a family of seven but is helping to grow her calf. We don't have enough grass in winter for two cows with calves afoot so when Hailey is rested before her next calf we will send Comet off for her one bad day and fill the freezer with plenty of homegrown beef.

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