Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ear Tagging the Pigs

The pigs are getting fat and the weather is turning cold. Time to take them for their one bad day. In order to identify them they need to be eartagged and branded.
The ear tagger is a simple device that locks a plastic tag through the ear making the hole with the connector. It is a swift procedure once the ear is in place.

Having missed the first time the pigs were not that keen on having their ears held for long enough for a sharp plastic tag to cut through their lobes. BoBo was definitely unwilling and is seen here backing away squealing. It took a few minutes being patient to find the right moment and the deed was done.

Food is always a good distracted for pigs. I have parked the trailer in their pen and begun to put some food on it. The pigs are learning to leap on which will make it much easier for loading them up. It is always sad to say goodbye to the pigs as they are such characters with very knowing eyes but it would be hard to feed them through the winter. At last measure they are about 65kg each so there should be plenty of pork about in a couple of weeks.


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