Sunday, February 1, 2015

Making Connections

We have always wanted to share Opportunity Farm with others. As teachers we have organized and run camps for students aimed at realizing their potential by having them achieve at real tasks and initiative challenges. Our paths and interests in education have steered to supporting and unlocking students with special needs.  We have discovered the empowering way that Scouts brings out the best in young people. So to make a connection between all of these we have been planning a site on the farm that could host groups, families or individuals in a supported camp.
Eighteen months ago we started to construct an outdoor kitchen area by laying a slab and supporting a hexagonal structure on bush poles. This was finished in time for an activity day in November 2013 in which 30 students from three local schools came to undertake initiative challenges. Soon after that we put in underground pipes to bring water from a new tank down to the kitchen area. Last year we put in more pipes and drains and in September the shell of a toilet/shower room was put up.

The Outdoor Kitchen with the tank up the hill

We found out a few days ago that a coastal scout group is going to commence a bike hike from our local town following the Dawn Service on Anzac Day. About 50 of them are going to be staying on Opportunity Farm the night before the ride.

Time to get more done over at the camp site. So today I finally connected up the water lines so that the pipes are primed and water is available at the two taps and under the toilet building. It may have taken a long time to get water that far but steadily our dreams are coming together and the connections made.

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