Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reducing the Shopping List

Thursdays are complicated. Two interstate trips to take young girls to dancing lessons. I get the later shift that involves a two hour wait in the big 'smoke' - the NSW town of Bombala. By the time I get into town there is only the two supermarkets, the two pubs, a service station and one cafĂ© still open. Only the pubs are active after 7pm.

Still it is the best time for the big weekly shop.

However today as I trolleyed around Foodworks it didn't seem like a 'big' shop. In the fruit and veg section I only grabbed some mushrooms, a tub of cream from the cold section, two rolls of dog food, some teabags, a tin of baked beans and some rolled oats. $45 and I was out the door. It was very satisfying to walk past so many sections and know that I didn't need to buy any of the products there.

Opportunity Farm is providing us with meat, eggs, milk and at this time of year pretty much all of our fruit and vegetables. We make our own bread, biscuits, yoghurt, desserts and even washing powder - many of the ingredients for these we can get from an occasional visit to the wholefood shop in Bega.
The reward for all the healthy exercise maintaining the farm is lots of homegrown food and emptier trolleys. I like this life.

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