Monday, February 1, 2016

Growing Piglets

Target, Beaubeau and Sir Oinkers arrived at Opportunity Farm a month ago. They are happily ensconced in their pen where they dig up tussocks that we don't want and replace it with manure-strewn soil which we cast grass seed over.

They have been eating a mix of garden and kitchen scraps, leftovers from the local café, fallen fruit and pig pellets. Their feeder is made from a small gas bottle cut in half lengthways. While this is sturdy and a suitable size in previous years there have been two problems. It collected water (and then rusted) and the pigs could push the metal feeder up against the electric fence and make their food 'live'. This year I have drilled holes in the base and also screwed longer 'legs' to it so that it doesn't move. So far all has gone well.

The weaners have doubled in size in a month. The plan is to have them up to 70kg by the end of April.

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