Monday, February 1, 2016

Spinning up a Yarn at the Shearing Competition

Our local town hosted a shearing competition as part of a commemorative weekend of events. To do this they erected a huge marquee and under it built a six stand shearing platform complete with lights and shearing plant, wool table and press.
One of the committee had the bright idea of trying to turn some of the wool shorn into a wearable product in the course of the day. They needed a spinner - Michelle.
We needed our five non-shedding sheep to be shorn. A deal was made. If our sheep were there at the start they would shear them and give us the fleeces. (It is very important not to put coloured wool in with the standard white). Then it was up to Michelle and friends to demonstrate how they did it in the 'old days'.
Cilla (the Black sheep) and Shaun (the white Dorset) being shorn.

Daisy ready for her trim.

Harriet (the spotty Merino) and Cilla after shearing.

Robert remembering how well his grandmother taught him to spin with eager watchers.

Those spinning and knitting managed to make about half a jumper in the day and could have done a fair bit more if they hadn't enjoyed sharing knowledge with so many interested visitors. If there is a next time they will be a bit more prepared and may make something less ambitious!

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