Thursday, March 17, 2016

Preparing for the Show

In 2015 I first entered the local show. This involved learning a whole new language and protocols of how to present and what is meant by terms such as 'Winter Squash'  or 'Dessert plums'. The kids entered large and unusual vegetables.
We came away with plenty of awards including 'Champion Vegetable Exhibit' and 'Most Prolific Vegetable Exhibitor'. It was very gratifying so this year we were more prepared.
A day was spent collecting the best looking fruit and vegetables.

The biggest pumpkins and marrows were labelled.

Other items such as jam and preserved peaches were prepared to enter other sections. Then two car loads of produce, art work and cooking was delivered to the Show hall. The weather was unseasonally hot so the butter icing melted and the silverbeet wilted in the tin-clad Hall.
All that was needed was the judging.

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