Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Roadside Haul

A hour to spare while my daughter is doing her dance lessons. Three roadside trees about five kms out of town laden with fruit. Three empty boxes waiting for a purpose. A recipe for a productive haul of apples.
There were plenty of damaged and partially eaten apples on the ground where the parrots and cockatoos had dropped them but the fruit on the trees that was within reach was plenty. The first tree had plenty of marks on the skins, maybe a product of weather damage or blemishes in the growing period. The second tree had bigger fruit and was probably a Golden Delicious. The third was the most productive and the fruit was so ripe and unmarked that fussy children who usually object to 'homegrown' fruit eagerly ask for them to go in their lunchbox.
We have found that roadside apples make for good cider. This haul will form the base for this year's brew.

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