Monday, April 11, 2016

Harvesting the Potatoes

Last year we grew enough potatoes to last our large family for about ten months. This year I was hoping to make it the full year. We planted in two patches - each on one of our two properties. One had a warm climate and regular watering, the other more fertile soil but colder and more sporadically watered. Both seemed to go well but that in a warmer climate seemed to die off much earlier.  
Four ten litre ice cream containers came out of the patch. There was one section still to be dug as there is a pumpkin growing on the top. It was still a good haul and will be packed away in the dark hanging shed in Styrofoam boxes filled with layers of sawdust. The really small ones will head to the pigs rather than be left to sprout again.

This year's patch ready for raking, manuring and preparing for the garlic crop to go in before Anzac Day.

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