Sunday, April 24, 2016

Preserving in Mid-Autumn

It is past mid-autumn and so far no frosts. There is still plenty growing and plenty to preserve. We had some nashis picked so these were split between eating and bottling. I looked up on Sally Wise's website (she has written an excellent book on preserving called 'A Year in a Bottle' and she recommended using an apple corer and peeler and then putting rhubarb sticks in the hole. It seemed like a good idea to provide an aesthetic contribution to my preserves for next year's show but apart from a couple of jars I would just peel and chop them.

The nearest rhubarb was a little small for the hole so several sticks sufficed. It certainly looks fancy though the kids thought it looked like eyeballs! Eighteen jars later and I have run out jar rings so preserving will have to wait until I replenish. However I also made some more jars of tomato sauce, a jar of kefir, two bottles of kombucha, and a loaf of bread. The photo below shows some of the jars and bottles next to the merlot wine and the barrel of cider. It's a fine life.

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