Sunday, March 22, 2015

A fine day for a visit

Today we had visitors - two couples that are friends of Michelle's from the choir. They both live on rural properties and appreciate fine food and drink. After some hours spent tidying the house from the ravages of day-to-day living with five children and a small dog it was time to prepare the meal.
With all the produce and processing we have been doing over the past few months it was a chance to show what Michelle and Opportunity Farm could serve up.
The main meal consisted of one of our meat chooks - an average sized one at 3kg. This was slow roasted in milk from Hailey the cow. It was served with recently dug potatoes and a dish made from silverbeet leaves handpicked just before cooking.
For dessert we had homemade icecream with milk and eggs from the farm and only sugar as an import. The icecream was accompanied by a coulis of homegrown raspberries and a meringue prepared with our eggs.
To drink we offered elderflower cordial for the non-drinkers and fizzy redcurrant wine for those who could indulge.   
The meal tasted excellent and everything was eaten up. The silverbeet dish was even eaten by most of the children.
A slow walk and talk around the farm while the ponies were taken out for a ride in the warm autumn sunshine rounded off a pleasant afternoon. One of the couples are keen to adopt some of our low-maintenance self-shedding Wiltshire Horn sheep to eat the grass on their property. We get to destock and they reduce their fire risk. 
A fine day for a visit.

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