Monday, March 9, 2015

The DelegateShow

Saturday started early - milking and feeding before getting the trailer ready to load two reluctant ponies, a heap of horse gear, tables, chairs, marquee, excited children, loads of cupcakes and leaflets. We were running about 10 minutes late - last year the horse events started 90 minutes late but this year they were on time. A race to unload Opal and Harley, fit bridles and head into the arena. My two horse riders just joined the end of the line for the first event - under 11 handler. The other seven riders were clad in white shirts, a tie and jackets. The other riders had ponies or horses that trotted carefully alongside, not being dragged along like ours. All good experience. The morning was spent in a blur of 'Novice Pony Hack under 13 hands' and 'Girl Rider under 7', Barrel racing in which the parent did more racing than the pony and finally 'Bounce Pony' races. A lot was learned and ribbons proudly gained.
Meanwhile our oldest was selling cupcakes to raise money for her Scout Jamboree fee and Michelle was spruiking for members for the NSW Lones Scouts and the Vic State Emergency Service wearing a combination of both uniforms. The day was sunny and the showgrounds were buzzing. Small boys were running around with plastic guns and girls with cuddly toys from the showbags. The magician was forced to vanish one gun that was repeatedly aimed at him during his act. Sheep were coloured with spray paint, bulls weighed and new tractors admired.
I finally made it into the pavilion after a late lunch to check out my entries. Sixteen Firsts, Seven seconds. While few classes had more than three or four entries and a number of my wins were unopposed it was still pleasing to see a comparison with other growers. Not only had I won the $25 prize for the Best Collection of Vegetables but I won the rosette for the Champion Vegetable Exhibitor.
Along with prizes won by the children for almost all they entered we came home with a Junior Miss Showgirl 6-10, plenty of spare cupcakes, a broken lead rope and a plastic machine gun. It was a long day but an excellent chance to belong as a family to a local community.

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