Monday, March 9, 2015

Sheep Antics

Today we had to sort out sheep. There where four that needed to be transported by stock-crate to another paddock. To get the grass down and get fattened up. Easy job. Open up the yards. Get some sheep nuts in a ice-cream container and call them in, " Sheeeeeeep! Sheeeeeep! Then a little 'argy bargy' as we sorted the four lucky travellers. It took a fair bit of coercion to convince the sheep to get onto the trailer. Some clever manoeuvring and we were done.

It was as the trailer with its passengers was slowly moving away, that the unhelpful event happened. The back gate bounced out of its fastening device  and was swinging open. Despite yells and waving frantic arms from the observers, the sheep jumped out, in the wrong paddock with the wrong sheep.

So the next step was to get this flock into the yards. Again encouraged by some sheep nuts, this flock also came into the yards. Here also was an opportunity to drench the young rams. So again the sheep were sorted. Those requiring drenching were drenched and the four travellers were again encouraged to get onto the trailer. This time we tied the door shut with baling twine.
Shorty (in the yards last year) is off to a greener pasture.
Woolly is also off. 

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