Monday, April 6, 2015


Three weeks to go until we have a troop of scouts staying at Opportunity Farm. The farm is the starting point for a bike hike involving up to 50 kids who will head off down to the coast after attending a dawn Anzac service in the local town.
This group will be the first to camp on the farm and use the facilities we have been building for visitors. There is a toilet and a shower near an outdoor kitchen in a paddock which has a good camping spot with a fine view down the valley.
The toilet room with cladding on the inside walls
Today we worked on lining the inside walls with plywood. The toilet and washbasin are in and connected up. The wall that separates the two rooms is now clad. Two sheets to go on the walls with windows. Then we will have to finish putting corrugated iron on the outside, hang the doors and complete the plumbing. We found a NGO that sells simple solar lights - a small panel that charges the light for 16.5 hours on 8 hours of sunshine. They were designed for mass production for homes in Africa so a proportion of the cost goes to subsidise their distribution there. We will use place one inside each room for the convenience of anyone staying.
Once we have had our scout visit then we will be able to host other visitors and share this farm and what we are doing on it with more people.

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