Monday, April 13, 2015

Winter Feed

With Daylight Saving now a fading memory thoughts turn to preparing for winter. The firewood shed needs more wood and the grass no longer needs cutting. In fact some of the paddocks are looking a bit threadbare and the animals need supplements.
In the summer months we don't feed the sheep or goats except when we want to move them. Our 29 acres has enough grass if the season is a reasonable one for them to find their own food. In the winter months we feed them hay and sheep nuts.
We buy Lucerne Hay from a supplier in the town to the south of us - a windy 200km round trip. The road heads through bush that was almost all burnt just over a year ago but is regenerating well. It is not a good road if you are a passenger and you suffer from car sickness.
Our stock crate can take about 20 bales if they are packed tight. We will probably need a similar amount later in winter. Two loads has normally been enough to see us through but we have more animals this year so we shall have to see.

19 Lucerne bales stopped on the way home by a fallen tree
When we arrive at the Lucerne farm we drive into an enormous shed piled high on both sides with square bales. The farmer climbs up onto the top and throws the bales effortlessly and accurately into the trailer for us to stack. It is a quick process and then we are on our way with some highly nutritious feed to keep our animals happy and well fed.

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