Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fermenting in the Kitchen

Today there was lots of activity in the kitchen. Michelle was preparing 12kg of different sauces for a scout camp on the weekend but there was also a lot of fermentation going on.
The kombucha tea needed bottling and a fresh batch prepared to feed the scobies. The shredded cabbage needed to be put into jars for sauerkraut. The kefir needed making with more raw milk and the sourdough culture provided the basis for a loaf of bread. The currant wine just felt like being in the photograph on the ground that it was fermented before being bottled back in January.
More about how to actually make these products in later blogs.
from l-r: Kombucha tea with  floating scoby, 2015 vintage currant wine, sauerkraut jar, kefir bottle - sourdough in covered bowl. 

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