Monday, September 14, 2015

Getting the Garden Ready

Some projects take a while. This gives plenty of opportunity to make sure that the idea is a good one and that it is needed. Two years ago the water pipe was dug in for a central tap. Last year the poles and rails for a hothouse went in. The garden grew tomatoes and basil, rocket, silverbeet, parsley, onions and plenty of weeds. Over winter the weeds have taken over and it is time to clear it out and set up some pathways. This needs to be done before any covering can be attached.
Once the weeds are gone and the beds established then the manure and compost can be mixed in and mulch applied. If all goes well it should be a more productive garden and one that is much easier to maintain and keep the weeds at bay.
The days are getting warmer and the grass (and weeds) are beginning to take off. It's time for action and for planting. The tomato seedlings have germinated and the first pumpkin is raising its head. Spring is well and truly here.

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