Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shading the Hot House

We call it the hot house but it is designed to stay draughty. It does get cold at Opportunity Farm and it has even been known to snow at Christmas so frost sensitive plants can have a rough time. One year we had three false starts and had to replace the zucchinis each time. Green tomatoes are the norm around here and only the last couple of years has it been warm enough for long enough to ripen them on the vine.
The idea behind this enclosure is to keep the birds off, prolong the life of the summer plantings and to increase the range of food that we can grow and for how long. In the morning the house shades much of this structure. By stapling shade cloth across the end it will protect the plants within from almost all frosts. With shade cloth at either end the breeze will be able to pass through and avoid temperatures inside that will desiccate the plants and require copious amounts of water. That is the theory, anyway. This project has been a slow one but with beds established and mulched, shade cloth up, a door on and pathways formed it is time for some planting.

See the blog post published 364 days later to see the next stage!

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