Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Beauty of Nature

Sometimes it is easy to get too focused on productive plants and stress about slaters eating the tomato seedlings or which variety of zucchini should be planted where. Other days it is just head down and mow or whipper-snip or dig.
But when I can look up and see the glory of cascading purple wisteria flowers and the deep reds of a waratah then I am reminded of how plants can also make my heart sing and my smile wide.
Our area is famous for the waratahs that flower in October and November. This plant is a Tasmanian Waratah which was planted to celebrate the birth of my second child and was fertilized by her placenta. From a small shrub it has blossomed into a large bush festooned with masses of beautiful flowers. Every spring it makes me happy to see it bloom.

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