Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Harvest Time begins

The planting and growing season has turned into the season of harvesting and processing. Some plants such as asparagus, the berries and currants have already been picked but there comes a point when the summer crops start to produce in volume and the fruit on the trees begins to ripen. From now for the next couple of months there is always plenty to pick and if I don't keep on top of it there will be wasted food.
The pigs do well in this season as they can gorge on the fallen or damaged fruit and the excess vegetables such as zucchini and Jerusalem artichoke.
The Gravenstein apples are always the first to ripen. A couple were ready but there were plenty of fallers on the ground. The bruised or chewed ones will go straight to the pigs while the unblemished will go in the pantry for later. Apples, unlike pears and many other fruit, do not ripen off the tree but they can be used to make cider or pork later.

The first tomatoes are ripening and the lower branches need to be snipped off to allow the air to get to the fruit. Many plants are almost up to the net roof.

The zucchinis, squash and pumpkins are vying for space and are climbing the walls to reach the light. While our vegetable garden is caged, the birds normally do not attack the vines unless they are really desperate.

The busiest time of year at Opportunity Farm begins.

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