Monday, January 11, 2016

Raising Weaner Piglets

For the last four years we have raised piglets. They are fattened up on fallen fruit, excess vegetables (pigs love zucchini!) and food scraps from the local café, supplemented with commercial pig pellets when times are lean.
After Christmas I fetched three piglets from Cobargo Farm - an organic nursery and piggery a couple of hours away. They used to have an Old English Black boar and so a few of their piglets sport black patches. The Black pigs do not get sunburnt so they suit an outdoor pen in Australian summer.
We have two male piglets which have been named Sir Oinkers and Beau, while the female piglet is called Target due to the large round black patch on her behind. In the photo they are feeding while
Posy and Queenie look on enviously.

Beau, Sir Oinkers and Target enjoying the bolted lettuce from the garden. They will live a life of Reilly for the next five months or until they reach about 70kg.

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