Saturday, June 6, 2015

The 100th Post

100 posts is time to reflect on what we have been doing, why we are doing it and where we are going with it.
Since January 1st we (Matthew and Michelle - but mostly Matthew as Michelle has written 154 posts of poems as well) have been recording activities, events and musings about our life here on Opportunity Farm. It has been many parts diary, some parts instruction manual and some parts philosophy. Basically whatever seemed noteworthy about our attempts at homesteading.

The food production side has been a pleasure - tonight for dinner there were two meals, one comprising pumpkin soup and homemade bread while for the fussy ones pork mince, tomato sauce and rice washed down with a raspberry smoothie and a glass of cider (not for the kids!). The only purchased ingredients being the flour and yeast for the bread, the rice and a spoonful of local honey for the smoothie. It is great to be able to celebrate the joy of eating our own produce by sharing it with the world.

Today's tasks of preparing to concrete the dairy floor, putting in the first stump for the shearing shed/workshop, attaching a sculpture to the studio, assisting the farrier, pruning a vine and mulching a garden bed were all practical, physical and also an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday. We blog to share this life with people who may be interested or inspired to follow suit in whatever way they can.

Our eventual aim is to have people come and visit us at Opportunity Farm and take advantage of some of the skills and knowledge that we have in supporting children to learn, scouting and homesteading as well as simple practical activities they want to try or practice. We hope to have a list of these activities on a page at the top of this blog soon.

The difficulty is getting this blog out there and increasing the number of people who come across it. So far more there have been more than 1000 hits which is a little more than 10 per post. When I publish a post there are 5 hits within a very short time which means there are some who have linked our site to their email. We believe there are a lot more people out there who may enjoy our blog posts if they can find it.

What we haven't had is any comments. We would love to hear your responses and feel more connected to those that have visited this blog. If you link our site to Facebook or any of the other forms of social media it will also increase our profile. This will help inspire us to continue blogging about our life and growing a rewarding and ethical business as well as lots of yummy food. Many thanks to those who have been following us - here's to the next 100!
The first day of Winter 2015

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