Monday, June 1, 2015

First Day of Winter

This morning we woke to the quiet sound of fallen snow. Once there is settled snow it seems to deaden all other sounds. No vehicles on the road adds to the eerie silence. At 5.30am there was a light dusting but it hadn't settled on the paths or roads. An hour later it was blizzarding and settling everywhere. There was not more than an inch in total before it stopped but it was enough to stop the school buses and allow the kids to have some fun with snowballs and snowmen.

Opportunity Farm is at 900m above sea level so snow is common. Many years there will be a couple of dumps but not long ago snowfalls were much more frequent and heavy and the farm would have been cut off for a while each year. Whether this is global warming is uncertain but if you talk to the old-timers they will often say that maybe we will get a real winter this year. This one has certainly got off to a cold start.

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