Monday, June 22, 2015

The Turning Point

The shortest day has arrived along with the growing hope of light and warmth. The frosts of minus seven or eight have been severe and it is hard to see how the guinea pigs manage to survive in their little cages on the lawn. We have turned the corner into another year of light and it seems an opportunity to reflect. This blogging journey started on the arbitrary date of January 1 while today would have been more apt if it was to reflect the cycles of the year.
It is no wonder that this moment has been celebrated by people all over the temperate world since humans first evolved. The importance of the amount of light in producing food is vital. The animals know. Today seven eggs were collected - up from one a day about a week ago. While there is plenty of cold to come it feels positive to look forward to enough warmth to plant seeds and watch them grow through another cycle.
At Opportunity Farm we have also reached a turning point in our major project of building our workshop/ shearing shed. The materials are coming from a friend's shearing shed that had partly collapsed. After several days of working on it the shed now consists of four standing posts and piles of wood to remove or burn and those pieces of tin too twisted to be of any use.

The site of our building is no longer just a plan or a pile of stumps. It has started to burst out of the ground. With the help of my littlest (seen here filling up the holes with soil above the concrete) most of the posts are now in. Out with the old and in with the new.....

Happy Solstice

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