Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tonto the Bull

We have a guest on Opportunity Farm. He has been invited here to sire Hailey's next calf. Tonto is a young Dexter bull who belongs to our neighbours. They run pedigree Dexters and their line of bulls provide semen for customers all over the world. Last time we needed a bull for Hailey she went to their place but that wouldn't work with milking and Comet the calf. So they kindly lent him to us.

Tonto is a gentle boofy-headed boy who seems quite safe to have around people, especially children. He is a little smaller than Hailey so we are hoping he is able to climb high enough to perform a successful service. So far he has checked Hailey out a few times but hasn't been too interested. By day Hailey hangs with Comet but we need to keep the calf separate as she could be old enough to be in season herself - without being big enough to survive the pregnancy. Tonto gets the night shift. This makes it harder to know whether he has done the job he is here for, but I am hoping it will be obvious. Having a mature bull around is new to me so hopefully all goes well - otherwise Tonto may be with us for a fair while.

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