Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Arrivals

We know few people who are trying to challenge the direction of the modern world by growing much of their own food, downsizing their work commitments and bringing up healthy children who enjoy old fashioned pursuits. Those we do know form a sort of community where we can share knowledge, experiences and resources - when we are not too busy just living!
One such family has goats but no buck so for the past few years have sent their two does over for a date with Cedric. They reckon he kicks out pretty good kids that fatten up well and taste good.
One of the does that comes is the twin sister of our Honey. When they get together they are very different in size. Our goat is about two-thirds the size of her sister. It shows us that our small hill paddocks are not such fertile ground as river flats and the importance of what they are supplemented with and how much.
When any new goats are introduced the pecking order has to be reordered. The two new goats assert themselves by rearing up and headbutting their rivals until the order is established. In this case, size matters and the newcomers take over. As Cedric is the preferred buck, Curly has been removed to a separate paddock with Princess to keep him company. He may get wanderlust when the new does come on heat.  

Honey (facing) with her much bigger twin

The third new arrival is a permanent one. Someone's pet Angora goat was an unwanted addition on a friend's farm. Their solution - ask Michelle. Her interest in spinning Angora and shearing was piqued so she shared a ride with the two 'dating' does. This goat is very shaggy and in need of some TLC. Her horns are broken and her feet need clipping. Being a pet she is certainly friendly. We have put her on her own in what used to be a dog run so we can keep an eye on her.

The most important task is to clear some hair from her rear! We also have to decide on a name - Shaggy comes to mind.

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