Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Storing the Potatoes

Time to harvest the rest of the Opportunity Farm spuds. We could probably get away with leaving them in the ground a bit longer but we need the potato patch empty in order to plant the garlic. 
After carefully digging along the sides of the trenches to get the potatoes up without slicing them they are sorted into those too small to bother with, which go to the pigs, and those to be stored for later use.
This year I am putting them in Styrofoam boxes (ones with holes in the bottom) surrounded by dry wood shavings. I can get three or four layers in each box. The boxes are to be kept in the hanging shed which is dark and insulated which will keep a more even temperature. 
We had planned to store them in the pantry with the pumpkins and the apples but apparently the fumes from the apples will encourage the potatoes to sprout,
 The layers of spuds in the styrofoam box

The completed stack of boxes

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  1. Hi Michelle, Great blog! I am so glad to see some Aussie's sharing their homesteading experiences.Keep up the great work. I was wondering how the potatoes went being stored this way?? If there was i follow up blog post, please point me in the right direction. Thanks, Julie.