Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Winter Gardens

Once the summer crops are harvested and taken down then the beds need a rest. The soil we have is a sandy loam so the nutrients tend to leach out when it rains. During winter there are less plants taking up these nutrients so there is an opportunity to revitalise the soil. This year we spread lime over the soil and then a good layer of partly composted horse manure. A thick layer of Lucerne hay acts as a mulch and will slowly rot down over winter as well. There are some winter greens and vegetables which poke through this layer to produce food over the next few months. 

The garlic has been sown in raised beds outside the vegetable garden cage. While we have had trouble with a wombat some years ago the fence around the outside of the yard is now effective at keeping anything that would eat the garlic out. The bower birds have sometimes kicked the mulch about but only if there are some seeds within or underneath the mulch. We have planted early varieties so hopefully we can harvest them before it gets too dry.

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