Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wanted: Timber/Tin Shed for Removal

We need another shed. This one is to be multipurpose - a shearing shed, a workshop space, a storage shed and a place where visitors could roll out a swag if they don't fancy camping.
We want this 6m x 4m shed to look more like an authentic Monaro shearing shed in both the design and the materials. So we put up some posters in the local town asking if anyone has a shed we can pull apart. There are plenty of farms that have changed a lot since the heydays of the 50s and 60s. Back then farms had farmworkers and plenty of money coming in as Australia 'rode on the sheep's back'.
Before anyone could answer our request Michelle asked a farmer friend if he had any spare sheds in need of a new life. He replied that he had just the thing. This farmer only raises cattle so the 60 year old shearing shed had been lying idle for a while. A strong wind had all but collapsed it about a year ago and he hadn't had the time or the inclination to pick up all the pieces. We were welcome    to it and a more recently built and collapsed hay shed was thrown into the deal.

We went and had a look at his shed and while it has certainly seen better days it is ideal for our purposes.

The rusty tin will look fine on the walls and there should be enough framing timber for us to use. I like the idea of using the original round timber posts to hold up the roof as well as the pole rafters. It will take a while to dismantle and sort out what is worth bringing back to Opportunity Farm but in a few months some parts of this old shed will gain a new lease of life.

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