Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Finishing Touches

When there is a deadline approaching and too much to do in the time remaining, then the priority becomes completing what is most important.
The toilet and shower rooms were completed enough to be used by our overnighting scouts. The toilet flushed and the shower produced hot water. However there still remained many finishing touches that would make the rooms look better and last longer. One of the outside walls lacked its skin of corrugated iron so today's job was to shape the tin (recycled from a local shed pulled down to make way for a newer one) and attach it to the wall with roofing screws.
The windows were in but needed some trim around them to protect the window frame and look more uniform. The trim would also cover those places where the cladding was not quite flush.
The North window with one piece of trim.
I cut several lengths of board 7cm wide and took them out to the site. The drop saw is ideal for getting a 45 degree angle cut to the boards. This worked well except for the window where the frame was not a rectangle but more of a parallelogram.

The completed North window
Certainly once the four pieces were fixed it gives the windows more depth and neatens up the frames. All the windows, the tin, the doors, the shower recess, some of the framing timber and all of the subfloor were recycled materials. Some of my initial attempts at building used round timber framing but I have learnt the extra effort is not worth the money saved. There are still a few small jobs remaining but they will have to wait. I needed to head back home to serve up our dinner of roast goat leg with roast potatoes and pumpkin followed by apple and quince snow. All homegrown except for the olive oil and a little raw sugar. Even the sky glowed!

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