Sunday, May 31, 2015

Progress on the Shearing Shed Dismantling

This was the front of the shed. The building at the front has to be removed as the roof is attached to the shearing shed and the roof is poised to collapse. The door will be a useful score to build into our new shed.

The shearing shed back to its bare bones with just the roof poised and hanging overhead. The shearing plant is still attached in the centre. Apparently it was still operational when the farm changed to cattle thirty years ago. I will try to salvage some of this just for authenticity. The piles of timber will be denailed using the reciprocating saw before being loaded up for the half hour trip back to Opportunity Farm. The scraps will be burnt or dragged off to the tip.

This was the rear of the shed. The back wall has collapsed and much of the tin from this side of the roof is twisted and tangled. The roof is held up by four enormous log poles that are set deeply into the ground. When the shed has fallen one of these posts has burst through the roof.

Now all the tangled tin is removed and most of the rear of the shed roof is dismantled. The longer round poles in the foreground are to be rafters in our new shed while some of the fatter wall poles will do the same job in the rebuild. The challenge is to gently collapse the front part of the roof without dropping it on my head.

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