Friday, January 23, 2015

Awaiting The Storm

Sitting on the verandah after such a hot day there is nothing else for it. A beer, a pencil and a notebook to jot down a few musings. Here they are:

Humidity and heat.
Brain crushing air pressure.
Invisible forces aiding gravity to drag....
Drag you down.
With all the plans you had for the day.
You watch them go down the drain,
Along with your desires, good intentions, optimism and energy.
The afternoon crawls at the same pace as you complete your chores.
The pressure in your head reaches a climax.
And just when you feel you can endure it no longer,
Something breaks.
It arrives with gentle rumblings,
Darkening skies and welcome, restorative breeze.
Two black cockatoos pass overhead,
'Squwaaaaking' at intervals 
Now is the time to sit on the verandah and await the majesty,
Of the storm.

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