Friday, January 9, 2015

Rainy Day Musings

Woke up to gentle drizzle, had lunch with showers, dinner with a downpour and the rain is still drumming lightly on the roof. Good soaking rain but 50km to the north it was dry all day and the children had swimming lessons in the outdoor pool no worries.
Hailey the cow was sheltering in the dairy hoping to be fed rather than having to stand dripping in the paddock searching for palatable grass. Apart from forays to feed those animals that can't feed themselves (and an interstate trip out to the local swimming pool) it was an indoors day. Change of plan from tidying the yard - time to cut a door from the back bedroom into the warmer part of the house.
This house is close to 75 years old. Over the years it has had a few changes with rooms added and the back verandah filled in. Previous occupants have told stories of how they would head outside to the bathroom in winter and come back in with their hair frozen. When the family it was built for rented it out they locked up some of the rooms and turned the carpets over to save on wear and tear from tenants. The two back rooms were very cold and one was very dark. A skylight helped reduce the dim but they needed doors that would allow the heat from the fire in the lounge room to raise the temperature in winter. One doorway was done a few months back so today the second doorway was cut through. The main problem is the age of the house means that most of the walls are asbestos. Lots of vacuuming and wearing masks later the job is done and more room changing can take place. Like the circle of life, the house at the centre of life on this farm is ever-changing.

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