Monday, January 26, 2015

Coming Back Down to Earth

Five days away with no animals to feed but myself. Glorious vegetarian food cooked by someone else with no dishes to do. Children looked after and entertained by other friendly adults. That's what I call a real holiday. I even sat still several times in the middle of the day!
No it's back to the farm and the daily routines. First we stopped to pick a full shopping bag of tomatoes, a feed bag full of enormous marrows for the pigs and to fill the small children with strawberries as we didn't have a suitable container. Then up onto the Plateau and close to home.
As we turned into the driveway I felt a sense of comfort creep over me as I checked on which animals were there and could see that they were in the right places.
Who could not feel happy to cause such excitement in animals - the dogs leapt and twirled on their chains, Hailey the cow called out and came running (the red bucket of feed may have helped there), the piglets squealed and the chickens ran up and down the pens.We had kept the arrival of Opal the pony a secret from the older girls so there was plenty of child excitement at coming home too.
It was good to be home. It was great to go away but even better to return to the joys of being on the farm.

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