Saturday, January 17, 2015

Strawberry Fields

I love the taste of strawberries. For me it is the taste of summer. Being brought up in the South midlands of England, Summer was often all too brief and rain-soaked. However there was often a couple of weeks in June when the sun shone. My father used to take us to a pick-your-own berry farm to gather enough to freeze and for the annual jam creation. I was too small and lazy to enjoy picking raspberries but sitting between the rows of strawberries gorging myself on the beautiful red fruit was my kind of chore.
Now we have several patches of strawberries. As long as the water is consistent and the sun shines these succulent fruits produce from late November through to March. They just keep coming. As long as you pick the fruit they make more. Other berries and currants have their season - a mad picking of huge proportions and plenty of freezer bags - but strawberries are the marathon runners. Some seasons the blue-tongues or the dogs get a decent share but this year we've pretty much had them to ourselves.
Today was no exception. A trip down to our bush property to water and pick. Lots of orange and red tomatoes, a box of zucchinis, squash, carrot and apple fallers for the pigs and a large bowl of strawberries. A quick bubble on the stove and some homemade yoghurt. Delicious dessert. Yum.

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