Thursday, January 22, 2015

House work

While it is nice to be in the great outdoors working in your garden, on fences or feeding and caring for your stock, there are times when you have to rush through the farm chores and catch up on some house work. So while the kids are away that was what was on for today.

I decided to tackle the task room by room. The little girl's first. So many teddies, so many dollies in various stages of undress and so many little knicky-knacky objects that probably should be filled in the round file. Then there is the numerous pairs of pajamas under pillows and other items of clothing, some clean, others dirty, under beds. Books that have slid behind cupboards and oh so many hair bands.

Moving onto the older girls room and the dollies and teddies have been replaced by even more knicky-knacky items. To chuck or not to chuck? That is the question. One of my daughters is a bed hoarder. She doesn't hoard beds but rather she hoards books, clothes and every other piece of paraphernalia  in her bed. I really don't know how she sleeps in it.

After many fatiguing hours we make it to our son's recently 'moved into' room. A little tidying and some vacuuming. But the darn thing won't suck. Why is it every time I use it I have to empty it. Two kilograms of dirt and grime removed and its still not a sucker. Why is it that every time I need to use the vacuum cleaner its filters also need cleaning?

 So after four loads of washing and that's just the sheets, dolls clothes, dress ups and found clothes items,(not what is actually waiting in the laundry basket) and lots of sorting, dusting and vacuuming; plus two bags of rubbish, the kids' rooms are looking pretty tidy. Tomorrow I can sort through my own room and its detritus. 

Precious being not much help.

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