Monday, January 19, 2015

Room for Two Ponies?

Harley the pony was lonely. And small. Too small for a growing ten-year old. When our daughter was the oldest child at Pony Club riding the smallest pony then the time was approaching to look for an upgrade. There are also several younger siblings 'chomping the bit' to have a tilt at Pony Club. Then we hear a neighbour has a grandson whose just not 'eager' enough to be a pony rider. "Come and have a look at his pony."
Opal is very stocky, sturdy and with fine feet. Two hands may make light work but in pony sizes they can make all the difference. Just what we need - a gentle pony just a bit bigger than Harley. Local and delivered. We'll take her.

We returned from our other property to find Opal already at home and certainly telling Harley who the boss is. Now we just have to work her a bit to get her used to us and wait for our horse-mad daughter to return from her holiday and find out. Then two kids can ride at once and while there will be more horse poo to collect the responsibility can be spread wider. It seems very important to make living in the backblocks a positive experience for our children and having another pony may help achieve just that. They may not be many friends to have over, no television or iphones but Opal and Harley are real living friends who can provide hours of entertainment and don't need a wireless connection. Yes, we have room for two ponies.

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