Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pony Podiatry

When you have ponies you also have a farrier. We are really lucky to have Josh, who visits as regular as clockwork. Unfortunately it is every six weeks or so and during that time I have usually forgotten when he is coming.
Josh arrives in his ute with all the paraphernalia required to make our ponies feet look uniform,with perfectly rounded hooves.  Out comes the little hoof stand, the knives and  the large file.
Josh puts on the leather chaps over his wranglers.

Opal is the first and she hasn't met Josh before. She fidgets and kicks a little and  nudges him with her head. Josh is very gentle and patiently gets on with the job. I hold Opal's head and keep an eye on her. She has been known to bite. The job takes only about ten minutes and then it's Harley's turn. Harley is an old hand at this but he still tries to wander off halfway through. The dogs sit watching expectantly. They know that they get to eat the shavings.

While all this is going on we talk about horse breeds, temperament, discipline and Latin. Then he's finished and we part with next times appointment. We are  really lucky to have this wonderful service.

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