Sunday, January 11, 2015

Green Harvest

Brocolli is one vegetable that is hard to grow in summer. Every year the moths come and eat all the leaves and there is no chance of it growing a decent head. So this year we built a garden bed and put bird netting on a frame over it.

In went the broccoli, cauliflower seedlings and pea seeds. Up they came - in came a rabbit under the shed wall at the back and more seedlings were needed. Several months later the first broccoli head was ready - yum. The great thing about picking broccoli is that it cuts and comes again. So two weeks of harvesting and there is more to pick than there was before. Same goes for peas. Another job for small willing helpers - picking and shelling. Compared to buying frozen peas from the supermarket it is a lot of effort, but that's not the point. Munching on vegetables that have travelled just a few metres and have their roots in healthy soil is not only better for the body but best for the soul.

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