Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Endless Cycle of Changing Living Arrangements

Last night, as a family we shared the final pork roast to farewell our 18 year old daughter - off to the Nullarbor to tackle 70,000 sheep and the isolation slightly overcome by the station's light plane. This contrast makes us on our 30 acres seem suburban.This week there will be other less significant changes. The remaining meat chooks will meet their maker. The current fencing project will create another secure goat paddock and rescue our woodlot. The sheep will have eaten out another strip of paddock.

All these events on the farm inevitably lead to change. Lambs, kids, chicks, piglets and calves grow.   Animals need fresh grass. Children rearrange bedrooms and clear out their accumulated junk. Goats need to be moved to the right paddock with the right buck for joining. My gorgeous Light Sussex chooks need to spread their wings just like adolescents. With so many children and so many different animals to share our lives, it is a dynamic and continuous cycle of change. It just keeps rolling on.

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