Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Proof is in the Eating

Eighty days after the arrival at Opportunity Farm of 25 one-day old chicks, tonight we sat down to the first roast. As an inexperienced chook cook I consulted several Google pages to assist me in this adventure. Settling on 'Foolproof Roast Chicken' due to the confident title I noticed that this recipe, in common with all the others, was for a little chook - somewhere in the order of 1.6kg to 2kg - and mine was 3kg. By increasing the time proportionally I think I'll have it on the table by 6pm. Shame the gas went out in the middle! Still by 6.45pm we are ready for the moment of chookness. Served with homegrown roast potatoes and garlic, supported by our own broccoli and cauliflower and some carrot sticks and washed down with redcurrant champagne, it tastes great. Succulent soft breast that melts in your mouth. Tasty skin and flesh that falls off the bone. I may have waited forty-seven years to cook my own roast, but it was worth the wait.
One down, eighteen to go!

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