Friday, January 2, 2015

Beating the heat

The only way to have an even chance with this heat is to start early. Bleary eyed I rolled out of bed at 6:00. The sun was coming up through the trees and it was surprisingly cold with dew sparkling on the grass. Six fence posts and stays needed to go in before the scorch bit too hard. I was surprised to find the crowbar cold and damp. The mud slimed and made it slippery work. Luckily by eight thirty the 'grunty' work was done because the sun was already making its presence felt.

We also had to pick the black currants this morning. It is an extremely tedious job. The fruit comes off with as many leaves that have to be picked out when you wash them. Thankfully the leaves float quite well. We will make around ten litres of blackcurrant syrup.

The kids retreated for most of the day to the coolness of the house. They did venture out to paddle in the leaky pool. There was great consternation when the duct tape came away and drained the remaining water.

I was extremely concerned when two more of my meat chooks turned purple and succumbed to I know not what. It was disconcerting to have one perform its death rattle in my arms. The remaining are still pink and relatively active. Their run is spacious and shady with a good dry shed. I don't really know with what they are ailing, but my heart can't take much more. Roll on January 8 when they are off to the abattoirs. I only hope they survive the short journey.

We cooked up the final leg of pork from last years piglets. It was either 'Ash ' or 'Charcoal'. These Old English Blacks were aptly named as they became harbingers of the bushfires that plagued us all last Summer. Probably fitting that we ate the last of the pork when the State is on Bushfire alert. The crackling was perfect.

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